AR + AI: Transforming oil painting

  • On the 1st of November, we held an art residency and exhibition in Tel-Aviv dedicated to transhumanism art. Scientists and evangelists from the Open Longevity community have read several lectures about ideas, ethics, and potential problems of long-term living in various shapes of existing, such as biopunk, digital consciousness, mechanical bodies, etc. Together with artists, we created big series of artworks utilizing modern & immersive tech. And I want to tell you about one of them today!

    The concept of the “Lucid Dream” is, what happens when consciousness is not attached to a body anymore? Will it create its own stable world, or fall into an infinite loop of abstract transformations, like in a dream?
    So I made an AR experience that transforms an abstract oil painting made by my friend Suli, into various specific images.

    • I took the artist’s explication and passed it into GPT-3 to recreate extra details;
    • Parts of the new explication were used as a prompt for the Stable Diffusion text-to-image machine learning model: so images with a city and an astronaut were generated by AI.
    • The painting was also used as an init image for Stable Diffusion: that’s why the resulting images have quite a similar shape and colors to the original;
    • Image morphing was made by the Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation model.
    • Final images where outpainted by OpenAI DALLE2.
    • All the stuff was rendered and packed into a Meta Spark AR effect.
    • I wish we had more than 4mb space for effects to make some animations, but anyway, exhibition guests were amazed by AI transformations in AR!

    Exhibition curator: Dasha Ilyashenko

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