Adventure Awaits

  • Burberry recently partnered with Minecraft for a fashion collaboration, creating an augmented reality experience on Instagram.

    I collaborated with talented Isabelle Udo to create a decent AR experience for this campaign. The experience features two modes: a 3D world made from Minecraft blocks on the front camera, and a tool on the back camera where users can build their own world using Minecraft and Burberry blocks.

    In the 3D world mode, users can fly above the Minecraft landscape on a balloon, taking in the stunning visuals and immersing themselves in the world. The back camera mode allows users to build their own worlds using Minecraft and Burberry blocks, and then place them in space for a truly unique and creative experience.

    The experience is both engaging and luxurious, showcasing the best of both Burberry and Minecraft. The stunning visuals and immersive world-building capabilities create a truly unique and memorable experience, inviting users to explore the intersection of fashion and technology.

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