• The artist believes that augmented reality is not for just showing something, as it’s mostly used nowadays, but for interaction. It has to help people express themselves.

    That’s why CANVA was made. A unique, interactive, and playful AR experience built to expose the concept of how creative professionals such as artists, designers, and engineers will interact with future AR and VR interfaces: in 3D space.

    With CANVA you can jump into the future today: just with your phone.

    There is a screen. Place it in space anywhere you want, move and rotate. Draw on it whatever you like. Oh, and you can add one more screen. And more. And more…? Yes! And draw on all screens simultaneously! Leave funny messages, draw icons and digitalize any location!

    • Though easy to use, CANVA contains a bunch of unique and complex technologies inside, developed especially for this experience:
    • User can draw on all screens simultaneously with solid, uninterruptible lines.
    • Different brush colors and size adjustment is available.
    • It’s possible to load an image from phone camera roll into a screen.
    • Custom spatial tracker allows to place objects in space: unlike regular plane tracker, they stay stable and smoothly follow the camera.
    • With advanced UI, user can add, remove, select, move and rotate screens anytime and in any direction, building unusual sculptures or compositions.

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