Eclat Sublime Serum

  • Presenting an AR filter made for the latest campaign for Darphin, a high-performance botanical skincare brand from Paris.

    The Eclat Sublime Serum AR filter showcases the benefits of this bi-phase serum with a fun and interactive approach. Upon activation, the bubbles float gracefully around the user’s face, highlighting the product’s light and airy texture. With a simple shake of the head, the bubbles burst into tiny liquid particles, providing the user with a virtual treatment experience.

    The filter then illuminates the user’s face with a warm and radiant glow, showcasing the revitalizing effects of the product’s Pepti-Botanique Complex and Bio-Optimizers. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and skin is left looking and feeling firm and radiant.

    The filter uses a unique custom physics simulation merged with a VFX that makes rigid objects merge together as liquid blobs.

    Made in collaboration with Swipe Back

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