Midnight Gate

  • Raise your hand and try to figure out how to open a portal, change its size and close it. Move your hand faster? Or slower? In which direction? Or stop it first? Even on the Other Side. Yes, there is the other side. Walk there if you dare.

    The Midnight Gate is an experimental augmented reality effect to demonstrate some new breakthrough technologies I’ve been researching recently:

    • Native gesture control. There are no instant triggers like screen tap, show hand, or lean head: all controls are smooth and require to do something gradually.
    • Super stable spatial tracking based on plane tracking: no size and position glitches. You can launch the effect, walk to another room and it will open the portal right in front of you.
    • Most AR portals are not actually portals: you can get inside even if you walk near the door because they just hide the world inside. What about Midnight Gate, you can get inside ONLY if you pass directly through the portal. You can walk around and even get inside from another direction.
    • The world inside is fixed in space: you can get inside, close the portal, stay on the Other Side as long as you want, open it again, come back to the real world, and come back to the Other Side again.
    • The world inside can contain any complex 3D objects, shaders, logic, etc. It’s completely separated from the world outside, but still visible and accessible through the portal.
    • Funny bonus: upload any image from your phone and open a portal to it! Where would you like to go?

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