The Rift

  • Introducing the AR Experience we’ve made for Coachella!

    Thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with the COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL, LLC, Meta and Olga Isupova

    Our team has been working hard to create an engaging AR portal that allows users to experience Coachella vibes even before they get to the location: explore the iconic Spectra building, feel the warm rays of the setting sun, and hear the rustle of palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze.

    Using advanced techniques optimized to run in real-time on mobile devices, such as parallax occlusion mapping, dynamic sunlight, and shader animations, we have aimed to enhance the quality of AR graphics and provide a richer visual experience for festival-goers.

    The seamless integration of digital and physical worlds will offer users an amazing opportunity to appreciate these architectural marvels in a fresh light.

    We look forward to sharing our AR experience with the Coachella community and seeing how this new approach to immersive storytelling will inspire further engagement with art, music, and technology at festivals around the world!

    Get your welcome box and try it yourself! See ya at Coachella!

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