Meta Physics: AR kinetic sculpture

  • The metaverse is fragmented, because consists of different cultures, though united with shared values. Diverse, because everyone is unique, but moves in sync into the greater future. All this reflects the concept of AR kinetic sculpture powered by the custom-made physics simulation.

    Living in a permanent motion, colliding and bouncing, but seeking the mutual center, these bubbles represent the society: dynamic and exciting to observe. But be careful: like a real society it’s also unstable, so any accidental touch can cause waves of change across the whole structure. Where can this lead to?

    “Meta Physics” is a unique kinetic sculpture that offers an unprecedented level of interaction: users can play with it using their face, or place the sculpture in space. In both cases, user can grab and move the sculpture with hand.

Presented at CADAF Digital Art Fair in New York City, 2022

  • CADAF is an immersive experience inviting collectors, art lovers, and Web3 enthusiasts to discover and collect digital art.

    For this special edition, CADAF will present an all-star artist and curator lineup to showcase the wide range of digital art mediums. featuring over 400 artworks by the leading creators. view full exhibitor list.

    Denis Rossiev was invited along with other talented artists to showcase his augmented reality work.

Presented at NUR Festival in Kazan, Tatarstan, 2022

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